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“      Teams are central                                 to

             organisational success.                                        ”

       In a recent survey and research report from the Center for Creative Leadership, 91% of respondents
       agreed that “Teams are central to organisational success        ”.

       Teams are heavily relied upon in today’s business environment and are being used as much to drive
       change as to generate current results.  Consider how to get the best results from your Team using
       Direction Services from PlusOne Dynamics.

                                       Appropriate                                  Assigned
        Accomplish                                                                                    Change
                                Accountable          Committed                       Consistency

      Connectivity                                               Clear     Context              Contributions

                        Communication                            Develop        Effective               Emphasis

                                     Dened                                                         Freedom
                                                       Expectations           Feel
            Goals                                                     Improve            Focused
                    Grow            iMA                                                          Knowledge

      Limitations                                             Impact
                       Opportunities                     Meaningful
        Opinions                                                                   Participating
                  Priority                                                                Resolving     Planned
                                       Recognise                  Recognition
      Reward             Resources                                                      Responsible
                                          Respected          Responsibilities
                               Risk                                                        Strategies
        Success                    Support                                Share                       Understand
                                                   Roles                                 Training

                              Valuable                                        Systematic
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