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       At PlusOne Dynamics we take our roles seriously   OUR APPROACH IS TO:
       and are committed to providing exceptional
       customised service that is responsive and delivers   Use Our  Strengths
       to our client requirements.
                                                         Ÿ Identifying barriers to business growth
                                                         Ÿ Offering effective solutions and analysing the
       PlusOne Dynamics are about building connected
       networks and teams that are engaging and work        results
       effectively.  We assist our clients with expanding   Ÿ Working as a team and valuing staff
       their online and ofine networks by delivering
       workshops and effective networking strategies
       combined with team building  focused on the       Develop Client Relationships
       differences in peoples’ preferred communication   Strong CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS...
       styles.                                           Ÿ Are built on trust
                                                         Ÿ Result in repeat business
       Our clients can also partner with us via our exible   Ÿ Create high referral rates
       bespoke partnership  agreement which engages      Ÿ Achieve long lasting business growth
       us to 'reach out'  and then leverage off our large
       and growing international professional network.
                                                         Use iMA Strategies
       Our partner companies, Business Over Breakfast    PlusOne Dynamics are accredited iMA
       (BoB) Clubs NZ and Business Over Breakfast        practitioners who employ iMA Strategies across
       (BoB) Clubs Australia (BoB Clubs AU-NZ) provide   the business.  PlusOne Dynamics use the iMA
       professional breakfast networking clubs           programme with clients and partners to drive
       throughout New Zealand and Australia presenting   business success forward through increased
       members with the opportunity for professional     connectivity and the ability to communicate
       Face to Face, pressure free, yet structured       effectively.
       business networking meetings.
                                                         We work within iMA’s systematic, predictable
                                                         framework, offering specialised iMA HR Audits,
           IT'S THIS SIMPLE...                           iMA consultations and workshops to our partners,
                                                         their clients and business departments and
                                                         companies who approach us.

           WE BELIEVE THAT                               Drive Innovation

            THE SUCCESS OF                               Our INNOVATION leads to...
                                                         Ÿ Positive change in thinking, company culture,
                            PLUSONE                         company focus and direction, business
                                                            systems and processes
                          DYNAMICS                       Ÿ Increase in customer value
                                                         Ÿ Increase in productivity
                     DEPENDS ON
                                                         PlusOne Dynamics specialises in motivating
              YOUR SUCCESS.                              company management teams to embrace change
                                                         and innovation in order to achieve unprecedented

             WHEN YOU WIN...
                                                         Total Commitment
                               WE WIN!                   Our COMMITMENT is to provide…
                                                         Ÿ Proactive service and ideas
                                                         Ÿ Focus on attention to detail and quality
                                                         Ÿ Fast, reliable and consistent service
                                                         Ÿ Senior team involvement with all projects and

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