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                   PROFESSIONAL                                      PROFESSIONAL
                   SUMMARY                                           SUMMARY

                   JAYNE ALBISTON                                    GRANT DICKSON
                   DIRECTOR                                          DIRECTOR

                   Ÿ BA and Post-graduate Diploma                    Ÿ Construction, IT & Healthcare
                     in Sociology from Auckland                         background
                     University                                      Ÿ High level of experience with continuous
                   Ÿ Has an extensive international network             improvement initiatives
                   Ÿ Inspires solutions that achieve business growth  Ÿ Executive dashboard design & development,
                   Ÿ Is results driven and committed to deliver         performance reporting and analysis experience
                   Ÿ Accredited iMA Practitioner                     Ÿ Project Management, Process & Procedure
                                                                        design & Documentation
                                                                     Ÿ Certied Trainer, Workshop Facilitator

                   Passionate, energetic and dynamic, I am all about   High level experience of continuous improvement
                   inspiring solutions to achieve business growth and   through the effective management of strategic
                   produce real change.                              initiatives & critical activities, initiatives & projects
                                                                     aligned with national strategies.

                   SPECIALITIES:                                     SPECIALITIES:
                   International B2B development and management      Business & strategic analysis, Project
                   of key partnerships, innovation, new business     Management, Excel, VBA macro programming,
                   initiatives, strategic management including setting   Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, … thinking
                   business direction, objectives, goals and         outside of the box.. Graphic design, Web design,
                   implementation, business networking, business     dBA tasks, ITNA, Process & Procedure design,
                   over breakfast, business referral, networking     Documentation. development, Communication &
                   clubs, lead generation, social business           Connectivity, Building High Performance Teams,
                   development, Communication & Connectivity,        Sales Professional Workshops
                   Building High Performance Teams, Sales
                   Professional Workshops

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