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                                       IT'S THIS SIMPLE…

                                       WE are about building connected networks and teams that are engaging
                                          and work effectively.  We assist our clients with expanding their online and
                                            ofine networks by delivering workshops  and effective networking
                                             strategies combined with team building  focused on the differences in
                                               peoples’ preferred communication styles.

                                                      OUR CLIENTS…

                                                        CAN also partner with us via our exible bespoke
                                                        partnership agreement which engages us to 'reach out'
                                                         and then leverage off our large and growing international
                                                         professional network.

                                                         WE assist our clients with identifying and qualifying new
                                                         business prospects in pre-determined desired markets
                                                         and then facilitating a benecial introduction to key

                                                      OUR PARTNER COMPANIES...

                                                    BUSINESS OVER BREAKFAST (BoB) CLUBS NZ and
                                                   Business Over Breakfast (BoB) Clubs Australia (BoB Clubs
                                                 AU-NZ) provide professional breakfast networking clubs
                                                throughout New Zealand and Australia presenting members with
                                              the opportunity for professional Face to Face, pressure free, yet
                                             structured business networking meetings that are friendly and assist
                                           members with establishing new professional contacts and generating
                                        new business referrals.

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