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       (BoB) CLUBS                                       DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS

       BoB Clubs are professional business networking    PlusOne Dynamics are accredited iMA
       clubs that meet fortnightly and provide members   practitioners who employ iMA Strategies across
       with the opportunity for professional Face to Face,   their business.
       pressure free, yet structured business networking
       meetings that are friendly and assist members with   PlusOne Dynamics use the iMA programme with
       establishing new professional contacts.           clients and international partners to drive business
                                                         success forward through increased connectivity
       BoB Clubs are the catalyst for creating quality   and communication combined with the ability to
       relationships based on trust and professionalism.    network effectively and strategically.
       This results in quality professional referral & lead
       generation for members without any pressure.      We deliver three guided workshops to assist our
                                                         clients with understanding peoples’ different
       As a member of a BoB Club, you gain access to     communication styles then applying this
       our sophisticated online members’ portal which    knowledge to strategically building a network and
       allows for the creation and promotion of your     leveraging off their network.
       professional online BoB Club Prole and includes
       a page for your company. Your BoB Club Prole is   Being high end users of the LinkedIn business
       quickly and effectively distributed using our SEO   networking platform, PlusOne Dynamics also
       technology.  You can also use the members’ portal   delivers a comprehensive one day workshop on
       to manage all of your BoB Club’s networking       how to understand, set-up, use and leverage off
       activities, provide and receive business referrals,   the LinkedIn platform (including our own tips and
       track club activities and meetings plus gain access   tricks for this powerful networking tool).
       to and communicate directly with other BoB Club

       All BoB Clubs have non-competing, exclusive       LOOK AT OUR WORKSHOPS IF YOU
       business categories which are attached to your    WANT TO ...
       membership for 12 months.  As a BoB Club
       member you can "reach out" and engage with        ...Build rapport with strangers and establish
       fellow club members and also seek opportunities   connections that last.
       with the regular fresh stream of visitors to clubs.
                                                                              iMA Essentials Workshop
       BoB Clubs throughout New Zealand and Australia
       are seeking business professionals and SME        ...Use LinkedIn effectively, have dabbled and think
       owners who are looking for a pressure free yet    it's too hard.  You need to know how to connect,
       professional and structured fortnightly networking   communicate and expand your Prole on the
       event that provides the opportunity to meet new   LinkedIn community then leverage off your
       people, potential customers or generate quality   network for business outcomes.
                                                                                      LinkedIn Training
       BoB Clubs launch when 12 members "pre-
       register".  Membership is annual (valid for 12
       months), invoiced and paid for a year in advance.

       Membership includes a quality BoB Club
       compendium and membership pack.  From time to
       time additional promotional coupons and vouchers
       may be included in new member packs.
              New         Renewing      Visitors
             Members      Members       Max 2 Visits
                                       Inc. Breakfast
            $645+GST     $495+GST      $25+GST
       Note:  Breakfast fees ($20 to $25) are charged at each meeting for food, beverage and venue costs

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